Movement Trays for Warhammer Fantasy made Easy

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I have had alot of people asking me how I make my movement trays.

Every supply you can get at Last Square in Madison WI.

here is the shopping list.

Evergreen Scale Models Plain .030 or .040 plastic sheets (depending on thickness and weight of models used. .030 is ok for plastic models, I would suggest .040 for metal model units)
Magnetic sheet
Wargames accessories A9 (20mm) and a12 (25MM) – These are the metal bases to attach to the bottom of the mini.
Balsa wood 1/8th inch or 3mm square rods.

Metal Straight edge (ruler etc)
Cutting blade
super glue

I first measure out the unit including the siderails on the plastic card. make sure your measurements are precise.
I have found that a normal trooper frontage for 20mm troops = approx 10.8 cm. you may want to give a couple extra mm if this is your first tray.
so a 25 man 20mm based troop plastic base measurement should be 10.8 x 10.8. Going with a 5 wide 5 deep formation.

I then take the metal ruler and the cutting blade to make a scoring mark along the sides of the unit (best way to make sure its a straight line).

YOu should then be able to bend the plastic very slightly to pop the shape out of the sheet.

I then take that plastic shape, give it a thin layer of super glue(dont forget the edges, otherwise it will peal off), attach it to the magnetic sheet pressing firmly. place a book or something heavy on it to keep pressure while the glue sticks.

After about 10 mins or so, use a steady hand or the straight edge and cust the plastic out of the magnetic sheet.

Measure out the side bars with the Balsawood rod, cut them to shape. Then glue them down again with super glue. Carefully, dont get glue outside of where the balsa is layed down ( it may affect how your troops lay in the tray)

Take the metal bases from the Wargames accessories, attach them to the bottom of your mini, let it dry.

now you should have a perfect movement tray for your troops for cheap.

it will secure most metal minis, but will be unsafe to flip them.

Alternatively, if you pay for the supplies and me, i could make them for you. 🙂

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  1. Alchemy Says:

    Thank you very much. You a few typing errors but very good. I’m going now to a hardware store and making them straight away. Thanks. Keep up the good work!


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